the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote in popkids,
the lady miss susie

busytoby mp3s

is this kind of thing frowned upon in the popkids community?

i lost a bunch of my mp3s when my computer crashed and that included mp3s i made of all my 7"s -- does anyone have any of the busytoby 7"s on mp3? i'm looking for "me, my drums and you", "put in the reel"...etc.

please let me know & thanks!
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i only have the full length.
I have "The Unlonely Songwriter" 7inch. I also have that 7inch you are looking for and a USB turntable, but if I was able to rip it for you it wouldn't be for a while. I leave for Europe on friday for 3 weeks. I can give you what I have through right now if you want it.
When I said I have "The Unlonely Songwriter" 7inh, what I meant to say is I have MP3's of that 7inch.