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[10 Mar 2008|11:33pm]


21 Love Songs: A Tribute to the Magnetic Fields

'Yeah Oh Yeah' - Monica Y Carlos
'Busby Berkeley...' - The American Icons Of Rebellion
'Time Enough For...' - Evripidis & His Tragedies
'When The Open Road Is Closing In' - Iji
'I Think I Need A Heart' - Steinbeck
'The Desperate Things You Made Do' - Microfilm
'All My Little Words' - Abrevadero
'100,000 Fireflies' - Secret Owl Society
'I Don't Believe You' - Tinyfolk
'Living In An Abandoned...' - Manipulator Alligator
'Why I Cry' - Fairmount Fair
'Crazy For You But (Not That Crazy)' - James Eric
'Born On A Train' - The Brooke
'I Don't Want To Get Over You' - Redbear
'Reno Dakota' - Porches
'You & Me & The Moon' - A Lime Tree
'Plant White Roses' - Existential Hero
'I Don't Believe You' - Fire Island AK
'Josephine' - Spare Machine
'Come Back From San Francisco' - S. Joe Hazelwood
'Absolutely Cuckoo' - Your Yellow Dress

Download it:
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[23 Jan 2008|06:25pm]

Hello Pop Kids,

I started up a new blog where I will slowly be providing free downloads of out of print records that I put out on my record label, as well as podcasts and other odds and ends with some personal commentary about my life that relates. The first download is available now, a Motown tribute CD I put out a few years back. If you are interested, please feel free to check it out at http://audiopants.blogspot.com

So long!
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[12 Dec 2007|12:17am]


001collective is a brand-new torrent-based music collective of folk, pop and electronic artists who want to share their stuff online for free. My top recommendations are both of Shelby Sifers' albums, Dustin and the Furniture, Secret Owl Society and Errand Boy. Or you can download tinyfolk or whatever (start with the new stuff). Anyway, check that shit out, lots of great free new music there.
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[16 Oct 2007|05:48pm]


The Loves set out on tour again at the end of this month, so if you want to see some top-notch indiepop action you would be well advised to come along.  Marc Riley on BBC 6 (amongst others) has been playing our new e.p. "1,2,3" which is out soon on Fortuna Pop! records.

25th October            Cardiff (Spillers instore thing) free!
26th October            Stoke-On-Trent (The Glebe)
27th October            Manchester (The Castle)
28th October            Glasgow (Twisted Wheel)
2nd November         London (The George Tavern)
3rd November          Birmingham (The Island Bar)
10th November        Cardiff (Howard Gardens)
30th November        Northampton (The Labour Club)
1st December          Leeds (Carpe Diem)

We will be joined by Elefant signings The School who seem to make new fans wherever they go!

For more information, go to  http://www.myspace.com/lovetheloves

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popfests! [21 Aug 2007|07:26am]

popkids can't die! Lets get this place rolling again.

Any popfests you've recently attended? How were they? Any in your future?

X-posted to other dead indiepop communities.

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busytoby mp3s [04 Jul 2007|09:06am]

is this kind of thing frowned upon in the popkids community?

i lost a bunch of my mp3s when my computer crashed and that included mp3s i made of all my 7"s -- does anyone have any of the busytoby 7"s on mp3? i'm looking for "me, my drums and you", "put in the reel"...etc.

please let me know & thanks!
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Lets DANCE & thanks!!! [03 Jun 2007|02:47pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi all...
we are "thanks"!!!
(Powerpop / Big Beat / New Wave) =D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lets DANCE & FUN!!!

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old tinyfolk songs up for free download as a new EP [22 Apr 2007|09:00pm]

Yo. I've got a new EP made up of my half of the out-of-print Encyclopedias split plus two other tracks I wrote and recorded shortly before the split songs. You can get it free here:


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[14 Feb 2007|09:59am]

I guess the odds of anyone on this community living in rainy old Leeds, England are fairly slim, but on the offchance...

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[12 Feb 2007|08:33pm]


It's out today, and as it's a little too late to rush to the shops, you can buy it from these online places:






"After seven years of slumming it with a smile, The Loves have created an ouvre that abounds with the most thrilling modern pop sentiments. Today, it's like they've plugged into some invisible cool wire, and it's the best kind of cool, a cool of '60s girl group wonder, romantic psychedelia, and utterly shambling pop'n'roll with an otherworldly ear for an off-radar reference." - http://www.musicomh.com/albums/loves_0207.htm 


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HHBTM CMJ Showcase [09 Oct 2006|06:33pm]
CMJ Music Marathon:
NOVEMBER 2ND, 2006 *Thursday*
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME Records ~ Showcase @ Cakeshop NYC


* * * http://www.hhbtm.com * * *

Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side
Phone: (212) 253-0036
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Horowitz in Stoke! [21 Sep 2006|12:35am]

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[12 Sep 2006|02:09pm]


Buy the CD
album cover
click to order</
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Hi there.... [10 Sep 2006|10:51pm]


Indie pop with alternating, multi-sex vocal harmonization is a risky endeavor. Done poorly, it can inspire second-hand embarrassment of the worst sort - a knee jerk reaction to hackneyed and sugar sweet cutesiness that causes listeners to whither and die on the vine. But rest assured: Baby Calendar is tactfully done. While a majority of the songs are about pedomorphic subjects like lunchboxes, moving out of your parent’s house, or other varied forms of high school nostalgia, they are delivered with a tangible amount of maturity. Jackie Biver's fragilely adorable vocals fit well with the band's animate modulation and Tom Gorrio's singing. The 2006 release of "Gingerbread Dog" serves as evidence of Baby Calendar’s musical cultivation as it is a dramatic improvement over both the 2004 release "Your Move," and 2005's "Fifteen Year Old Sneakers."
taken from: http://lowvelocity.blogspot.com/

"heavily melodic and exciting pop songs with undeniablely cute back and forth boy/girl vocals"

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[24 Aug 2006|03:41pm]

the 8th and final detroit summer smash starts tonight at the lager house and continues on friday and saturday at the contemporary art institute of detroit! here are the details:

Thursday, August 24
@ Lager House, 1254 Michigan Avenue, http://www.lagerhousedetroit.com, 21+, $7,
including the Summer Smash Store featuring 6 Select Local Merchants!
Detroit Summer Smash clothing for sale for $5+!
A benefit for the CAID's nonprofit mission
9:15 Nicole & John of New Grenada
10:00 Keith Tenley
10:45 Slumber Party
11:30 Black Tiger
12:15 Canada
1:00 Great Lakes Myth Society
Friday, August 25
@ The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit,
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd, http://www.thecaid.org, ALL AGES!, $7 (price includes FUNK NIGHT)
Detroit Summer Smash clothing for sale for $5+!
A benefit for the CAID's nonprofit mission
9:30 Oblisk
10:15 Fifth Period Fever
11:00 The Pizazz
11:45 Siddhartha (formerly known as Velvet Audio)
+ FUNK NIGHT @ 12:30!
Saturday, August 26
@ The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit,
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd, http://www.thecaid.org,
ALL AGES!, $7 (price includes BAMBOOZELED!)
Detroit Summer Smash clothing for sale for $5+!
A benefit for the CAID's nonprofit mission
9:30 The Low Hello
10:15 Emily Jane Powers
11:45 Wildcatting
12:30 The Silent Years
1:15 The Cyril Lords
+ Bamboozeled dance party (rock+pop+motown+house+electro+disco+b-boy+novetly+more!) until the wee hours of sunday!

the detroit summer smash music festival began in 1999 when a group of detroit-area music fans decided to organize an indie pop/rock music festival in the city of detroit. the festival also doubles as a charity event, raising money since 2001 for worthy michigan-based organizations such as c.o.t.s., gift of life, alternatives for girls, the michigan lupus foundation, the chris kempa memorial art scholarship fund, and the got art? program. the summer smash is known for featuring up-and-coming michigan bands alongside more established michigan acts, and performers from out-of-state on tour. no two nights are the same, just as no two years of summer smash are the same. summer smash is constantly evolving.

more details at http://www.summersmash.org and http://www.myspace.com/summersmash

c u there!
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[21 Aug 2006|11:45am]

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A festival of the indiepop variety........ [05 Aug 2006|10:45pm]

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C06! [13 Jul 2006|10:29am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Twenty years after the seminal C86 compilation comes, well, C06! I'm really excited that my band, Apple Orchard is included! Go here or here to download the compilation.


01 The Love Letter Band - This World Is Not My Home
02 Mon Fio - Alexis
03 Apple Orchard - A Hiding Smile
04 Celestial - Dream On
05 Santa Dog - Rosa
06 Umlaut - Lea Green
07 A Place To Bury Strangers - Dont Think Lover
08 Chuzzlewit - Verga
09 Loveninjas - Keep Your Love
10 Rocket Punch - Pink Cashmere
11 Shrugged - Tattooed Heart
12 Crumb - Follow Me Home
13 Pelle Carlberg - Clever Girls
14 Compute - Every Chance
15 Bib - I Wanna Be A Better
16 Bobby Baby - Lucky Moments
17 Goof - Dancing Shoes
18 Sarandon - Meet Warren
19 Bubblegum Lemonade - Tyler
20 Michael Knight - Waves To The Shore
21 The Sweethearts - Into The Woods
22 The Factory Owners - Elephants Mean Death
23 Cowboy X - Gabbi
24 Math And Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance

Edit: This collection was compiled by those nice folks over at Indie MP3.

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New tinyfolk/encyclopedias split out today on Ought Implies Can Records [13 Jun 2006|01:56pm]

Pardon my blowing my own horn here, but for those who are interested, I've got seven new songs (including a cover of The Field Mice's "Emma's House") on a split with 7 new songs by the encyclopedias ( http://www.myspace.com/matthewnovak). You can hear some of each of our songs on our respective myspaces (mine is http://www.myspace.com/tinyfolksings).

The split should be up for ordering sometime today, depending on when David gets around to updating the website.
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No Memorial Day plans? Don't be LAME! [24 May 2006|12:39pm]


Kalkaska is playing a memorial day jam with hot shit indie rock superstars Mary Timony and Fred Thomas! Check this out....

From Lager Website:

Mon. May 29th:

Mary Timony: Theres nothing more exciting when were able to book someone that is so cool that we cant believe theyre playing our little dive. But guess what? Everybody wins because we get to see Mary Timony of Helium at the Lager House! If youre unfamiliar Mary fronted (among many other bands) Matador recording artists Helium in the 90s and made a few classic indie albums full of excellent pop but also strange leanings toward psyche and prog... yes, this was LONG before it was cool! Her solo career has continued an amazing track of marrying post rock and prog with indie pop and rock. Check the links below to hear one of the most interesting female voices of the last fifteen years... And boys, raise yr hands if you had a crush on her in college!

Fred Thomas: Front man and mastermind from Saturday Looks Good To Me, Fred grace us with a rare solo performance. Expect hushed and intimate tones and Freds great songwriting presented in a totally different way.... should be dynamite!

Kalkaska: Like perfect bedroom indie rock exploding out into your house party! Perfect moments of fragile, experimental beauty meet up with more trad lofi indie rock in a perfect marriage of what makes music interesting. Fans of Mercury Rev (old), Ariel Pink, Animal Collective and plain old good music should take note!

Plus Dollar Drinks! and only five measly bucks!
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