Tom, Jackie, Arik (babycalendar) wrote in popkids,
Tom, Jackie, Arik

Hi there....

Indie pop with alternating, multi-sex vocal harmonization is a risky endeavor. Done poorly, it can inspire second-hand embarrassment of the worst sort - a knee jerk reaction to hackneyed and sugar sweet cutesiness that causes listeners to whither and die on the vine. But rest assured: Baby Calendar is tactfully done. While a majority of the songs are about pedomorphic subjects like lunchboxes, moving out of your parent’s house, or other varied forms of high school nostalgia, they are delivered with a tangible amount of maturity. Jackie Biver's fragilely adorable vocals fit well with the band's animate modulation and Tom Gorrio's singing. The 2006 release of "Gingerbread Dog" serves as evidence of Baby Calendar’s musical cultivation as it is a dramatic improvement over both the 2004 release "Your Move," and 2005's "Fifteen Year Old Sneakers."
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"heavily melodic and exciting pop songs with undeniablely cute back and forth boy/girl vocals"
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